Public Relations

PR is probably the only marketing communications a company considers when they are filled with sheer dread and total panic. That is the worst time to hire a company to manage your PR.

Time and time again, we have seen companies plunge into crises when something horrible happens to one of the principals. The company has no disaster plan to deploy in times when stable PR is needed - they show it, the television cameras records it and the audience sees it displayed in all of its ugly glory.

When it hits the fan is not the time to crack open the phone book and try to find a PR firm to mop-up whatever mess has exploded all over the media. The time is now, before trouble starts, to get someone on your side. Build the relationship and plan ahead of how to deal with trouble when it happens. You want the press to know that they need to call the PR firm at 3AM, not the CEO or Board of Directors.

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