One mistake packaged food clients make, or we should say the mistake clients make before they come to us for help, is when they put their packaging together they go to the grocery store to see what the competition is doing and then they try to make their product look just like everything else on the shelf.

After the resulting lack of sales, the lucky ones find us and ask us for help. After our facepalm reactions, we gently remind them that looking like everyone else on the shelf is bad. Very, very bad.

We had a client that developed a line of heart-healthy spreads but we were having difficulty convincing them the product packaging worked. We printed up some of our mock-ups for the product lids and decided to take them to the supermarket and show her a test. We went over to the dairy cooler and showed her all the competing products in her niche and I placed the mock up labels on some of the lids of products already in the cooler. As we were discussing the color, contrast and the importance of being different, a woman with her kids came by and one of the kids grabbed the hummas with our dancing carrot label and then the woman snatched the whole line of products. We stopped her and told her we were just doing a marketing test.

But what did the shopper say? What comment was revealed that cinched the deal and changed the mind of the client?

"Wow, these really stood out and my kids would probably eat them!

It isn't everyday you can get kids to fall in love with artichoke hearts.

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