Companies that download a logo for $10 off the internet and then find themselves shocked when they also see their logo on the packaging of an explicit DVD generates no sympathies from us.

There is a reason a term like "intellectual property" exists - it gives your company the tools you need to differentiate your company from others. Corporations will spend tens of thousands to put their logo on the side of a building, they will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to put their logo on stationary and business cards. Millions and billions are spent on packaging, marketing, advertising and trade show give-a-ways. Even more is spent defending the work in court should someone try to steal your it. Why companies are only willing to spend pennies on a logo that they will spend millions of dollars on over the years is one of the many mysteries of business life.

Our logo work is memorable, award-winning and tell the story of the brand. They are worth putting on your letterhead, the side of your building and most importantly, they are worthy of placing on your product.

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