One of our clients was going to a trade show to show off their new golf product. They were already spending over $100,000 on their booth and didn't have a lot of money left over for product promotions.

We designed a special (limited edition) golf hat that featured the new product logo. We also had all of the soaps in the hotel nearest the convention hall swapped out with hotel soaps we had made with custom wrappers. On our wrappers we printed coupons that were redeemable for this new limited edition golf hat. Simply bring the soap wrapper to the trade show booth and pick up a free hat - a very simple promotion. The promotion was so successful people started stealing soaps out of other people's rooms and off the maid's cart. All of this looting just to get the much coveted soap wrappers and, in-turn, grab one of the client's free promo hats.

Not all collateral gets that kind of response, but that is our goal with every piece - not that we want maids hunted down and mugged for their hotel soaps or anything.

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